Jonathan grew up playing in the fresh country air with animals on acres of farm land in a Mennonite home in southern York County, Pennsylvania. Cindy played amongst high-rises, double-dutched on cement sidewalks, and hung out at the corner stores where she was reared in a Jamaican home in Brooklyn, New York. Such different walks of life, such different cultures, such different environments, but yet throughout their lives God had been preparing each for the other. As they look back over their lives they see how God has woven experiences, situations, and circumstances into a history that would end up leading each to “The One” that He had promised them. Since meeting in 2009 (and marrying in 2012), they have developed into the other’s best friend, confidant, prayer warrior, cheerleader, and all in all. They are dedicated to being examples of devoted Christian believers joining in union for unified ministry, implementation of community and church diversity, and lastly showcasing that nothing is too great for their God!


Cindy and Jonathan believe in and faithfully practice a life of humility. They know that God has highly favored their union, ministry, and lives. He has not only blessed them individually but collectively in their natural and spiritual lives. They believe that He will continue to do so as long as their work continues to be done for His glory alone. They have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and as the sovereign ruler of their lives, as they operate in a three-fold bond between Christ and each other.


Cindy April Strawbridge is a young woman of leadership, the highest work ethic, and integrity. Her maturity spans beyond her years, as she carries herself with the evidence of womanhood. Mrs. Strawbridge approaches life with big dreams and great optimism. Being schooled in the realm of criminal justice and the dream of being a lawyer, her professional resume has diverted to extensive experience in collegiate affairs. However, Mrs. Strawbridge’s enthusiasm as a young Christian woman who loves our Lord beyond everything else in her life drives her passion for ministering to young people and the overlooked. She has served in many youth ministry roles gleaning experience with inner-city/urban and un-churched youth desiring for them to have Christ as the center of their lives.


Jonathan David Strawbridge is a man of many talents. He is a lover of people, hospitality, and creativity. His formal education is in the sphere of culinary and hospitality, but vocationally has veered into the field of health-system education. He also owns and operates Catering Et Cetera, catering and coordinating events for up to two hundred and fifty guests, as well as creating confectionary masterpieces. Jonathan is pressing forward in the preached Word and is passionate for music ministry. He is a founding member of Men on a Mission, an all-male gospel group consisting of members from York City and Baltimore.


God’s favor is evident! His prophetic word encourages them to press on as the two anticipate the Spirit’s guidance and manifestation of the Father’s love as He directs them to their divine destiny, sharing the gospel in their own distinctive manner, and encouraging others to PURSUE their own DESTINY!